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Roerend Stil (2012)


Roerend Stil (2012)

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The ancient Greeks used to describe homunculus as the 'human soul'. In modern neuropsychology, homunculus is presented as a little man in your head, who perceives and interprets signals from the outside world. Homunculus is the ultimate symbol for our inner being, an invisible source that motivates us behaviour. 



Homunculus strives to reconcile people, who may come from completely different worlds, through

stories that make us aware, experience and celebrate our humanity.   

In this fast, hectic and complex modern world, we all often live in our private bubble. Although we are able to connect with the entire world in a few seconds nowadays, we tend to feel disconnected most of the time, with our surroundings and even with our selves.

Through very personal, poetic and existential stories in the outside world we create space for people becoming aware of themselves and their journey on the earth. Intimacy, time and space is important to experience the beauty and value of human existence. 


Daily management

Artistic leader Thabi Mooi

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Chairman Hilje Thiescheffer

Treasurer Michiel de Rooij 

Secretary Inge Kok

Hilje Thiescheffer

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Michiel de Rooij

Inge Kok

Farewell world (2015)