Thabi Mooi (1983) is artistic director of Homunculus, which she founded in 2016. Before becoming 

a theater director in 2012 she finished a master in neuropsychology, in Amsterdam (2007). 

She works together with a solid group of artist and friends ; such as composer Tobias Borkert, filmmaker Tom Fassaert, writer Malou de Roy van Zuijdewijn, designer Roos Matla and (physical) actors like Lotte Vogel, Fabian Satarciel de la Quintana, Anna Gehlin, Marlies Hamelynck, people from various ages and cultural backgrounds.

About Thabi Mooi

"I am a daughter of a South African father and Dutch mother, who met in Luanda (Angola). So I am born coincidentally in West- Africa, growing up between palm trees and Portuguese speaking children until my family emigrated to the Netherlands when I was 5 years old. I remember the first time seeing snow, because I had never experienced something so cold and delicate. 

Because of my 'uprooting' I became fascinated from a young age by cultures and landscapes and how these two influence each other. 

Before I became a theater director, I first studied neuropsychology, because I wanted to know how humans develop. How do they grow to be who they are or is it set in stone from the beginning? During my training, I learned a lot about the universal phases that everyone goes through in life, but what openend my eyes, were the unique little differences that make up people's personalities. By carefully watching someone behaviour, you can discover so much about a person. 


My curiosity and love for people's uniqueness and personal stories draw me to the arts and prompted me to direct theater. To express this diversity of the way people act, see, and sense the world. Since my graduation I started to also use film and audio in my performances, to embody a person in voice/music and to visualise their surroundings in detail. 

Since my graduation I have focused on creating location specific performances for theatre festivals like Oerol Festival In Terschelling (island in the north of Holland), and Over het IJ Festival in Amsterdam.


This resulted in walking routes through different landscapes, in which I invited the audience to surrender into an unknown world. Sometimes you were only accompanied by a voice and music (on your headphone) and sometimes you were guided by an actor. By walking with someone you connect in a special way. Moving together in one rhythm, requires you to be attentive and let you experience your surroundings very differently. Step by step you travel through a real landscape and at the same time you explore someone's inner world.


The combination of intimate personal stories in a vast landscape can be enormously powerful. It symbolises and highlights the fragile connection between a person and his environment. It shows us how determined we need to be to survive in this world.  We all are born somewhere, we can't sit still but we have to move, connect, build, with others and eventually dissolves again in the earth, disappear while the land remains.''