site specific performance

Roerend Stil (2012)

Previous projects

STIRRING STILL is a location performance on a decayed pier in the gray area between light and dark. Here we enter the world of an old man (Will Spoor), sitting at his table, waiting for his end. Stirring still is about the struggle to say goodbye, of yourself and life.

"Thabi Mooi's direction bears witness to a balanced vision to make complex text accessible thanks to sharply directed play and exceptional use of the location." -

Kester Freriks from the Dutch NRC-newspaper

In ALL DAYS you follow an elderly man on a special journey. You hear his thoughts and his memories of love and his youth. While slowly walking over a winding dune path (Terschelling) or an empty street (NDSM yard), you'll experience how much he loses track.

FAREWELL WORLD is a solo film installation. You travel with three people who are in the twilight zone of dreaming, remembering and dying. Farewell world premiered at Oerol Festival 2015 and was presented also at Over het IJ Festival in Amsterdam.

In addition, the film was also selected for the international dance film festival Cinedans 2016, and presented the EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam, under the new title SAUDADE.